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Hello there from your favorite Chicago wedding photographer! Our 2023 season is beginning and we kicked it off on a high note with Jaime and Allison’s engagement session this month! They chose some of my favorite and most iconic Chicago locations for their session, Lincoln Park and North Avenue Beach, with a winning combination of […]

Happy New Year! Whether you are planning your wedding in Chicago or beyond, there are some new trends on the horizon. Some of our 2022 couples were already on the cutting edge, and we expect to see more couples opting in to some of these popular new ideas: 1. Reception Wardrobe Changes, Gloves, & More […]

What a wild ride 2021 has been! There have been lots of ups and downs, but I am so thankful that we saw major improvements over 2020. Being able to be vaccinated during spring 2021 was a HUGE relief and definitely enabled our couples to continue with their long anticipated celebrations. Thank you science! A […]

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