2023 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year! Whether you are planning your wedding in Chicago or beyond, there are some new trends on the horizon. Some of our 2022 couples were already on the cutting edge, and we expect to see more couples opting in to some of these popular new ideas:

Bride and groom at wedding reception grand entrance

1. Reception Wardrobe Changes, Gloves, & More

That’s right, no more spending your entire reception in the same attire if you don’t want to! Some couples are opting for comfort and switching up their outfit for a more moveable and dance-friendly option. Not only is this a fun trend if you (like me) value comfort, but also can be a fun way to surprise your guests with a different evening look! Who knows maybe this second outfit has a bold color or sets off the dance floor with more sparkles!

Not only are some couples optioning for evening wardrobe changes, but some accessories are making a comeback! Hello 1920’s glamour – gloves are back! Whether worn throughout, or just for part of the wedding day, both sheer and opaque gloves are here. While this accessory works with some wedding dresses particularly well, I still feel this (along with the cape trend) will come down to personal preference. It is likely we will see many couples still brandishing bare hands!

Cheese and fruit platter at wedding reception

2. Grazing Tables

Time to talk snacks! Gone are the days of waiting for passed hors d’oeuvres – now couples are opting for elaborate table spreads during cocktail hour (or the entire reception). These grazing tables are not only artistically styled, but also commonly include goodies from local area businesses! What better way to support your favorite Chicago eateries than to share the magic of the city’s food offerings with your guests both local and from out of town.

Be it locally sourced ingredients or your favorite macaroons from the corner bakery, these spreads are sure to make all of your guests mouth’s water and have everyone going back for seconds.

Bride and groom with champagne tower at wedding reception

3. Custom Signage and Toasting Towers

Neon is back and we are here for it! Photo backdrops are a long standing trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, but now you and your guests can pose underneath the glow of your own custom sign. Be it your new shared last name or just a phrase you love – this makes a great keepsake to hang in your home and remember all the fun you had at your reception!

After guests stop by your photo backdrop and admire your custom sign, they can make their way to your toasting tower to grab a drink and get the party started. These toasting towers are popping up all over the place and stemless glassware is really having a moment! Not only are these an eye catching feature, but avoid a long line at the bar as guests are trying to grab a drink on the way to their seats: toasting tower = problem solved! Now everyone can quickly enjoy a drink and prepare for your grand entrance, which we know will be fabulous!

Every year its fun to anticipate what the upcoming wedding trends will be, and this year I am particularly excited about them all! Especially the grazing tables, because who wouldn’t be.

Of course, being the honest Chicago wedding photographer that I am, the most important thing still remains creating a celebration that is unique to you. The way in which you choose to plan and curate your wedding day is deeply personal. Our advice to couples is to focus on what matters most to you and while it is fun to browse all of the amazing trends on instagram, don’t let the overwhelm distract you from what you are really celebrating – your love story. After all, who knows you may be setting the next wedding trend that others will adore!

Thanks for reading about my 2023 wedding trend predictions, as always we are here to help with all of your wedding and wedding photography questions, whatever they may be! Cheers to 2023 and all of the couples that we can’t wait to document!




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