There probably is not another point in the past 95 years that humanity has spent as much cumulative time at home during a nine month period. And while I have certainly experienced my fair share of cabin fever, it has sparked in me a new appreciation for our home itself and what it represents. In March and April there was definitely an element of novelty, loungewear was king and Netflix sustained us. As spring continued we entered the gardening and home project phase that many of you may remember. All the while I found myself grateful for the little things. We had been forced into a slower pace, and a simple walk around the neighborhood or sitting in the backyard with a few friends became really special. I realized that despite everything, I was more grateful than ever to have a home to shelter in, to cook in, and yes even to clean. It’s an odd thing living through a historic event, and I thought that it would be good to document it in some way. So why not photograph couples and families outside of their homes to mark the occasion? I certainly was not the first to have this idea, but earlier in the year this little project provided me with some purpose and moments of levity for my subjects. With all of the wedding changes this year, this was one of the first times I was really seeing clients face-to-face and it was wonderful! 

As 2020 winds down and we all look forward to 2021 with cautious optimism, I wanted to once again pay homage to two sacred things, home and family. Contained in four walls and under one roof, millions of little universes exist as daily life plays out. We had couples and families celebrating wedding anniversaries, expecting children, dealing with virtual learning, working from home, raising chickens, and feeling thrilled just to have toilet paper. I hope that we can carry our gratitude for our homes and the people that make it home, into the future and never again take the simplest of things for granted. Please enjoy some highlights from our “with our homes” series. At the bottom you will find the early holiday card that Daniel and I mailed out over the summer to give our friends and family a chuckle.





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