Let’s Talk Dessert

These days if you are anything like us you may be spending a lot of time binge watching The Great British Baking Show. After all, with what seems to be a nationwide flour shortage, baking seems to be on everyone’s mind. All of the spoon fulls of sugar of late got me thinking that it would be fun to do a dessert-focused post to provide some sweet inspiration for couples.

When considering what type of dessert to have at one’s wedding day my advice is in line with all other aspects of your day, choose what is important to you. Maybe you have been dreaming of a 3+ tiered traditional wedding cake, maybe you dislike cake and want ice cream, perhaps you imagine a variety of miniature desserts, donuts? or maybe you don’t like dessert at all (shudder) – okay well lets not go there. Whatever you decide there is no right or wrong way to craft this element for your wedding. In recent years couples seem to be getting really creative in how they display desserts and what they include. It has been so much fun to photograph! We have seen everything from chandelier cakes hanging from the ceiling (courtesy of The Sweet Divine), donut towers (Vincent Van Doughnut), beautiful spreads of mini confections (thank you Blue Owl Bakery), cheesecakes, pies, brownies, and more!

If you go the dessert table route, I have some practical advice. What could be more tempting than a table full of sweets? Practically nothing. That is why we always advise couples to have their dessert tables blocked off or under the watchful eye of catering staff so that all guests (and the couple of course) have a chance to admire their glory before the sweets are ransacked. Similarly, if our couples want to ensure that they have their choice of specific sweets just ask us or the catering staff to make up a plate to save at the head table. You should have first choice on your special day!

Let’s talk traditions. Are you having a wedding cake or sweetheart cake and saving the top for your first anniversary? A word of caution. Make sure that this sucker is tightly wrapped in plastic and sealed neatly before freezing. Daniel and I can speak from personal experience on this, trust us, you don’t want your cake to take on all of the scents of the food in your freezer. On our first anniversary we settled in to enjoy our cake top and noticed that the flavor had changed from vanilla with raspberry to… garlic bread? Yuck. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you.

One of the most common questions that our couples wrestle with is, when do we cut the cake? Do we cut the cake after dinner, after the grand entrance, after the first dance? The answer to this may depend on guidance from your caterer. If you are having a large traditional wedding cake, the kitchen may need more time to cut and plate it for your guests. In this scenario it may be best to cut your cake after your grand entrance on the way to the head table. If your cake is on the smaller side or you have sheet cakes in the back you may have more choice as to when you cut the cake. It can be nice for guests to be enjoying cake/dessert during the formal dances (first and parent dances), but again there is never a bad time for dessert.

I hope that you have found our thoughts on dessert to be helpful! Now for some visual inspiration, enjoy!




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