Italia circa 2016

Hard to believe that it has been almost three years since Daniel and I traveled to Italy. It had been a long time dream of mine and it was everything that I hoped it would be. With my Italian heritage I felt right at home and fully embraced “the dolce vita”, taking in all of pasta, sorbetto, and leisure that my body could handle. Daniel, being the master trip planner that he is, created an itinerary for each city we visited and that helped us enjoy each day without having to make numerous decisions about what to do. When the hardest choice I need to make on vacation is between fresh lemon and mango sorbetto – I am content. We flew into Rome and took the train between Florence, Venice, and Sorrento. Amtrak is a far cry from the trains in Italy! With modern technology, clean cabins, and food service including fresh sandwiches and pastries, there is just no comparison. 

Italy has such wonderful charm. The constant intersection of old and new means that without even trying, you stumble upon a beautiful piece of ancient history everywhere you go. There was so much color all around with flowers draping over window sills and doorways, it was heaven. As you can imagine I took hundreds of photos and my camera was practically glued to my hand. I wanted to encapsulate all of the beauty as much as I could visually, while taking in all of the wonderful smells, sounds, and tastes we encountered. Many of the photos are displayed in our home and I love looking over them as a reminder of the time we had there. My biggest advice when it comes to Italy is to go! It is easy to let dreams and goals sit on the back burner but travel, in my opinion, is always a worthwhile and humbling experience. 

On this cold February day, please enjoy some of our photos of Italy in all of its warm and beautiful glory!  


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